Rules & Regulations

Student Attire
Students entering the library must be in their full school uniform.

1. Students must speak softly in the library.
2. Eating or drinking is not allowed.
3. Students must keep the library clean and tidy at all times.
4. Students must return all reading materials to their respective shelves after browsing/reading.
5. Students who vandalize the furniture or equipment in the library will have to pay for its repair or replacement.
6. Students who misbehave will be handed to the discipline board for disciplinary action.

Loan of Resources
1. Each student is allowed to borrow 4 items, including reference books with their EZlink card or IC.
2. Library books from the open section may be borrowed for 2 weeks only and may be renewed for another 2 weeks upon request.
3. Reference books may only be loaned out for 2 days.
4. Library materials must never be taken out of the library until they have been processed and issued on loan by the librarian.
5. Library materials may not be borrowed on behalf of others.
6. Students are responsible for any loss, damage or defacement to library materials on loan to them.
7. Foreign students may borrow up to a maximum of 10 books during the June and December school holidays.
8. Students must report immediately to the librarian the loss of library materials on loan to them. They will bear the cost of the replacement of the lost materials.

Overdue Books
1. A fine of 10 cents per item per day (up to a maximum of $20) will be levied on overdue materials borrowed form the open section.
2. A fine of $1.50 per book per day (up to a maximum of $20) will be levied on overdue reference books.
3. Students who leave their overdue items at the counter without paying the fine will be charged double the amount to be paid.

Use of Laptops
1. Students may borrow a laptop from the counter.
2. Laptops are to be returned on the same day. Those who fail to do so will not be allowed to borrow laptops in the future.

Printing, scanning and photocopying services are available in the library. Students are required to purchase a value card from the photocopying centre prior to using the printer and the photocopier.


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