Library Club

“Learning to Serve, Serving to Learn”

The Library Club plays an important part in the maintenance of Kong Chian Library. Besides ensuring that the Library is always neat and tidy, librarians also have to do administrative work; for instance, at the end of a school year, librarians have to return during the school holidays to help with the stock-taking exercise.

The Library Club currently consists of 31 members, 4 teachers and 2 administrative officers. The relatively large club membership ensures the smooth running of the library and reduces the amount of work to be done, such as wrapping, cataloguing and shelving. The club is split up into four groups, one of which aids in the maintenance of the Mathematics LRC while other groups are involved in shelving, publicity work as well as IT-related work, such as designing and maintaining the library’s website.

Our club holds numerous activities annually, most of which are organized during Library Week. The activities are managed by the student librarians, with the administrative work being handled by the teachers. One might say that Library Week has become a tradition in our school, as it has been organized without fail each year. Library Week is indeed important as it not only promotes reading, but also aids in users’ language skills through games like Scrabble as well as book club discussions. Through the organization of Library Week, the Library Club hopes to generate interest in reading.

The club has also collaborated with the English Studies LRC to organize other activities like Share-a-Book and Public Speaking sessions.

The Library Club also organizes an annual CCA Camp, to enable junior members to get to know the senior members better. Aside from fun and games, the club also invites special speakers to address topics such as leadership and team-building. There is also a test held at the end of the camp when the teachers determine which librarian (of each level) is worthy of receiving the “Outstanding Librarian Award”. At the end of the camp, the torch is passed on as the new committee for the following year is elected. Members of the club also engage in CIP activities with organisations such as NLB and primary schools.

Student Librarian duties include, but are not limited to:

  • shelving and shelf-reading (sorting out of misplaced books)
  • workgroup activities (maintaining Chinese collection, publicity related work, IT related work)
  • cataloguing (entering information of items into the database)
  • book-wrapping
  • typing call numbers (books, CD-ROMs)
  • repairing torn/damaged books
  • manning the counter (borrowing/returning library items, answering queries of users)
  • managing audiovisual materials
  • helping users with research skills and accessing resources
  • organising reading and writing related activities for the school population

Teachers In-Charge:
Mrs Rosalind Lee (Senior Consultant)
Mdm Chan May Lun (Teacher-Librarian)
Mdm Shieh Le-shiang (Teacher-Librarian)
Mrs Kris Koo (Senior Administrative Officer)
Mrs Wang Meng Juan (Administrative Officer)

2011-12 Executive Committee:
Foo Yang Yi (Chairman)
Kervin Tay Wee Shing (Vice-Chairman)
Ian Wong Kai Jing (Training & Recruitment Officer)
Zach Wang Hong Chuan (Public Relations Officer)
Joel Lee Wei Hao (Welfare Officer)


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