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Pseudo Book Club: The Stars

Written by Austin Tang (2P228)

Photographs by Tan Hong Kai (2A320)

On 21st July, a Pseudo Book Club session was conducted by the Library Council at the JurongRegional Library from 3.00 to 4.30 pm. This session is conducted on a monthly basis and is open to the public. The text discussed was “The Stars”, a short story written by former deputy prime minister of Singapore, S. Rajaratnam.

“The Stars” covers themes relating to superstitious beliefs like astrology and how astrology can affect one’s life. In the story, Uncle Ram, a strong believer in astrology, refuses to give up his belief even though his astrological miscalculations make a fool out of him. Despite many miscalculations, he did not blame it on astronomy but blamed it on himself instead, stating that he was “bad at figures”. The presentation itself was started by a quick introduction session where everyone present introduced themselves, followed by a summary of the events of the story in a chronological order. The presenter was Foo Yang Yi (4I1) and during the discussion, other members of the Library Council assisted in getting the ball rolling.

Once the audience got a rough idea, Yang Yi went on to discuss what astrology really is and its difference with astronomy. Then, he discussed the difference between Pseudo-Science and Real Science and why astronomy was grouped under Pseudo- Science.

After the presentation was concluded, the audience and the presenters were split into 2 different groups to discuss certain questions on their own relating to astronomy. For example, in one of the groups, they were required to brainstorm on whether people should believe in astrology, leading to another discussion on how we can prove to show that astrology is right or wrong. Then, we went to discuss on the different superstitious beliefs that some people belief in the world, such as Feng Shui. Also, one of our participants shared with us his experience of visiting a fortune teller. Each group drew a mindmap and once the discussion was up, both groups shared their different thoughts and ideas, and it was evident that the audience was enriched after the discussion!

The Pseudo Book Club is a recurring event, held every month with a new text for discussion.


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Pseudo Book Club: The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

Written & Photographs by Tan Hong Kai (2A320)

On 21st April, HCI’s Library Club conducted a meeting of the Pseudo Book Club at Jurong Regional Library from 3:00 to 4:30 p.m. on “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas”, a renowned novel written by Irish author John Boyne. The objective of the PBC was to give a presentation on the content of the selected text and discuss it with the attending audience. The event took place at the fourth level of the library.

The presentation explained several important details such as to provide sufficient contextual knowledge for the participants, covering the main characters in the story and the underlying important themes (such as determination and friendship). The main presenter was Tan Hong Kai (2A320), who had assistance from the other club members-cum-facilitators to help the audience understand the text better. The presentation utilized approximately half an hour.

After the presentation, the participants were split into two groups. Both groups used mind maps to reveal their discussion results. The first group ran their imaginations wild as they were requested to come up with interesting endings to the story. The second group had to brainstorm and think of examples related to the underlying themes. Both groups presented their mind maps at the end of the discussion, which included definitions of the given topic, and also answers to questions posed in the presentation. The participants actively and enthusiastically engaged themselves in the exploration of such questions, racking their brains for answers.

The Pseudo Book Club is a recurring event, held every month with a new text for discussion.

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BOOK CROSS (this Friday)

  1. Facilitate book exchange to encourage reading.  DONATE YOUR BOOKS!
  2. Last Friday of each month. A notification will be sent over EMB.

They are at

1. outside Kong Chian Library
2. OTH Hall
3. Canteen
4. outside the Staff Room


Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz

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Farewell Mr. Lundberg!

After 2 years of contributing to the Library Club, in 2012, it is time for Mr. Lundberg’s departure from the library club. It is a sad occasion as he has been, and always will be, the approachable, friendly and patient teacher who would guide us in our library journey.

Mr. Lundberg is an impressive writer, having garnered honourable mentions and awards for the numerous fiction books he wrote. In 2010, he joined the Hwa Chong Library Club, to be our mentor and consultant in whatever we do.

Mr. Lundberg is also IT-savvy. He set up our very first Kong Chian Library Blog to promote the library and the club, the institution’s e-Resources, and the events we hold. He was also the creator of both our Kong Chian Library Facebook Community Page and Goodreads group to increase connectivity between the Library and the Hwa Chong population.

Within the 2 years was with us in the club, Mr. Lundberg organized quite a number of book talks with other authors and writers. Mr. Lundberg and fellow experienced writer Dave Chua are acquaintances and he often organizes discussions with him together. During such talks, Mr. Lundberg himself acted as moderator to keep the discussion going.

Other than such book talks, he was also in-charge of the triannual Sabbatical Reading Programme. Did you know that the suggested reading book list for the Sabbatical Reading Programme was compiled by Mr. Lundberg? Mr. Lundberg is both a proficient writer and reader and has been exposed to lots of books. Therefore, he is able to suggest beneficial books we should read in order to bring our English Language standard to a higher level. He also promoted plenty of e-Resources, not only to help us academically, but also to make us aware of the events and current affairs happening around us. Last but not least, Mr. Lundberg also organized a story telling competition, which took place in the 3rd term of 2011.

After all his major and vital contributions to the club, he will now bid us farewell. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks and wish Mr. Lundberg all the best and good luck in his future endeavours, be it in his career or in his life.

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Library Club Leadership

Teachers In-Charge:
Mrs Rosalind Lee (SC)
Mdm Chan May Lun
Mdm Shieh Le-shiang
Mrs Kris Koo (Senior AO)
Mrs Wang Meng Juan (AO)

2011-12 ExCo:
Foo Yang Yi (Chairman)
Kervin Tay (Vice-Chairman)
Ian Wong (Training & Recruitment)
Zach Wang (Public Relations)
Joel Lee (Welfare)

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