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2012 Spelling Bee Contest

After a year, the annual Spelling Bee Contest has returned! On the 27th of July, the entire Library Club traveled down to Woodlands Regional Library to support Hwa Chong’s representatives in the final round of the 2012 Spelling Bee Contest. The HCI competitors are Chin Kee Yong (4I104), 2nd runner up of the previous edition of the Spelling Bee Contest, and Ernest (4P2).

According to the NLB website: “The Spelling Bee aims to build up student vocabulary, encourage correct word usage and pronunciation and enable students to be precise and say what they mean. […] Through this event, not only will students get to showcase their talents, they will also be able to gain self-confidence through this healthy competition.”

The event started off with the audience participation round, which gave the audience a chance to participate and try to spell a given word correctly. Prizes were awarded for correctly spelt words. Many students from various schools participated in this round and won themselves attractive prizes!

Students from different schools competed in the final round of the Spelling Bee Contest. Despite strong competition from powerhouses like Raffles Institution and Nanyang Girls’ High School, Chin Kee Yong managed to emerge as Champion and was officially crowned Spelling Master 2012! He fended off strong challenges from Raffles Institution, whose students completed the top 3 standings. Ernest also put up a valiant effort, spelling many tough words. Alas, he was eliminated in the round where up to 6 competitors got eliminated as well.

Big congratulations go to Kee Yong and Ernest for putting up a strong showing in such a tough and hotly-contested competition! Kudos go to all the other participants who have definitely put in their best efforts to be able to get so far in the contest!


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WRPL 2011 Spelling Bee Contest

Spelling Bee PosterOn 29 July, the entire Library Club traveled to Jurong Regional Library to support HCI competitors Chin Kee Yong (3I104) and outgoing Library ExCo Secretary Matthew Lee (4I116) in the final round of the 2011 Western Region Public Libraries’ Spelling Bee Contest (Secondary School Level).

According to the NLB website: “The Spelling Bee aims to build up student vocabulary, encourage correct word usage and pronunciation and enable students to be precise and say what they mean. […] Through this event, not only will students get to showcase their talents, they will also be able to gain self-confidence through this healthy competition.”

Spelling Bee Intro

Spelling Bee Audience - HCI Represent!

Students also competed from Commonwealth Secondary School, NUS High School of Math and Science, Kent Ridge Secondary School, Nanyang Girls’ High School, Hong Kah Secondary School, Bukit Merah Secondary School, and Outram Secondary School. The competitors went through a number of elimination rounds, choosing from categories such as Business, Medicine, and Cookery, having to guess the correct word based on its meaning and placement of select letters (a la Wheel of Fortune), and then also spell the word correctly.

The results of the top three positions were as follows:

  • 1st place: Lim Yi Herh Ansel (NUS High)
  • 2nd place: Matthew Lee (HCI)
  • 3rd place: Chin Kee Yong (HCI)

Big congratulations go to Matthew and Kee Yong for putting up such a strong effort in what amounted to an increasingly exciting and gripping competition. Congratulations also go to Ansel Lim from NUS High for winning the top prize, and to all the other competitors for their active participation.

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Approaches to Teaching Singapore Anglophone Literature

On August 4, 2010, Dr Catherine Carey (Teaching Consultant in HCI’s English department) attended an all-day workshop conducted by Professor Shirley Geok-lin Lim called “Approaches to Teaching Singapore Anglophone Literature.” The workshop was sponsored by the National Book Development Council and held at the National Library. Following is Dr Carey’s report on the event:

Shirley Geok-lin Lim

From reading her memoir Among the White Moon Faces, I knew that Lim grew up among her father’s people in Malacca but periodically travelled across the Straits to visit her mother, who had deserted the five children when the father’s Bata shoe store failed. I was interested in the tensions she described so vividly: how in the eyes of her father’s family she and her brothers were “not Chinese enough,” yet the father’s clan by her wealthy Peranakan aunt’s standards was crudely “Chinese.” Lim, a scrappy kid, eked out an education, discovering a talent for writing, which led her to marriage in America and a college teaching career.

Lim is a well-recognized scholar in Women’s Studies and Ethnic Studies. Her poetry, memoir, and fiction has introduced many readers in the West to Southeast Asia, and she is that disappearing breed of academic who is both scholar and creative writer. She has found a congenial academic home at the University of California, Santa Barbara, but Lim was well into her forties before she overcame her marginalized status as woman, mother, and Asian. She is the recipient of many prestigious prizes for her writing and scholarly work.

Writing SingaporeA primary purpose of the workshop was to launch a new anthology, Writing Singapore: An Historical Anthology of Singapore Literature, edited by Lim and local writers Angelia Poon and Philip Holden. The collection includes primary records of colonial Singapore that present opportunities to predict and compare. For instance, Lim highlighted several pre-independence writings as invitations to discuss “Does history repeat itself?” or “How has Singapore changed and not changed?”

She categorized writers of the “nation-building” period as “inventors” and gave a number of suggestions for interdisciplinary work on the primary materials in the anthology. She singled out later writers that she termed “interveners,” or “critics’ and illustrated their struggle to envision citizenship in the newly forming state. Noting the range of contemporary voices and texts in the anthology, questions surface, Lim believes, not only of who is writing but who is reading. “Depending on the interpretive community, we may not all be reading the same book.” Students might enjoy the task of sorting through the identity progressions raised by the range of literature assembled for the first time especially for the purpose of teaching.

In addition, several Singapore authors “dropped in” to be interviewed by Lim and to read from their works-in-progress. They encouraged the attendees to “write” Singapore also. “Just write the strangers in your head,” advised novelist Suchen Christine Lim. An invitation was also issued to join in the “writing the city” effort sponsored by the British Council and continuing in September.

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NLB Book Exchange

In celebration of World Book Day, the National Library Board will host for the second year a massive book exchange:

Organised by the Public Libraries Singapore (PLS), the event, which is into its second year, allows the public to exchange their used books and share their passion for reading with one another. At its inaugural launch in 2009, some 57,000 books were exchanged among 5,085 participants.

Other than giving used reads a new lease of life, this initiative also fosters a reading culture among Singaporeans. Book Exchange 2010 is held in conjunction with the World Book and Copyright Day, which promotes reading, especially among the young.

It also supports the call to adopt a green lifestyle through environment-friendly practices, such as recycling and reducing wastage. The public is advised to bring along their own bags, as no carrier bags will be provided. This initiative will also involve the staff of the National Library Board (NLB) in a bid to promote the spirit of volunteerism.

The Exchange itself will occur on Saturday, 24 April; from 10-23 April, people can bring their used books to any NLB branches to receive book exchange coupons to be redeemed on the 24th.

Hwa Chong Institution will be hosting events on campus on 22 and 23 April; stay tuned to the blog for more details as we get closer to the dates.

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NLB Blogs

Read and Reap: A reading initiative that takes short extracts from chosen literary texts, and uses them as launching points for further discussion. Young readers can submit their own 300-500-word extracts to be eligible for $20 book vouchers. An exploration of NLB’s e-resources, along with applications to real life. The main page seems to only consist of Quotes of the Day, but further entries can be found in the Categories sidebar.

ASK!: Actively Seeking Knowledge is a showcase for the more interesting queries made through the NLB’s Advisory & Enquiry Service. A great way to learn something new every day.

Invent: Focusing on design and creativity, the bloggers on this site look for quirky connections between objects or concepts that should not fit together, but somehow do in remarkable and unexpected ways.

High Browse Online: A comprehensive litblog that covers books, writing, and Singapore. Many great book recommendations here from passionate readers.

Y.O!: Maintained by the librarians & volunteers from the Young People’s Services, and aimed at teenaged readers all the way up to those in their mid-twenties.

BookCross: The Singapore offshoot of BookCrossing, which was created in 2001 in the USA. With the slogan of “Books need to be freed!” the site encourages readers to set their books “free” after reading them, leaving them in convenient places for others to pick them up, read them, and then set them free again, with the goal of turning the whole world into one big public library. Not really a blog, but still a worthwhile literary program.

library@esplanade: A library blog about music, dance, theatre and film, which is naturally fitting as the Esplanade is Singapore’s most visible host for the performing arts.

Read!Singapore: A nationwide programme to bring together readers from all over Singapore to discuss a common set of literary texts. The 2010 initiative seems to focus on short stories, all of which can be downloaded for free.

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Library Club Leadership

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