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2012 Spelling Bee Contest

After a year, the annual Spelling Bee Contest has returned! On the 27th of July, the entire Library Club traveled down to Woodlands Regional Library to support Hwa Chong’s representatives in the final round of the 2012 Spelling Bee Contest. The HCI competitors are Chin Kee Yong (4I104), 2nd runner up of the previous edition of the Spelling Bee Contest, and Ernest (4P2).

According to the NLB website: “The Spelling Bee aims to build up student vocabulary, encourage correct word usage and pronunciation and enable students to be precise and say what they mean. […] Through this event, not only will students get to showcase their talents, they will also be able to gain self-confidence through this healthy competition.”

The event started off with the audience participation round, which gave the audience a chance to participate and try to spell a given word correctly. Prizes were awarded for correctly spelt words. Many students from various schools participated in this round and won themselves attractive prizes!

Students from different schools competed in the final round of the Spelling Bee Contest. Despite strong competition from powerhouses like Raffles Institution and Nanyang Girls’ High School, Chin Kee Yong managed to emerge as Champion and was officially crowned Spelling Master 2012! He fended off strong challenges from Raffles Institution, whose students completed the top 3 standings. Ernest also put up a valiant effort, spelling many tough words. Alas, he was eliminated in the round where up to 6 competitors got eliminated as well.

Big congratulations go to Kee Yong and Ernest for putting up a strong showing in such a tough and hotly-contested competition! Kudos go to all the other participants who have definitely put in their best efforts to be able to get so far in the contest!


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Pseudo Book Club: The Stars

Written by Austin Tang (2P228)

Photographs by Tan Hong Kai (2A320)

On 21st July, a Pseudo Book Club session was conducted by the Library Council at the JurongRegional Library from 3.00 to 4.30 pm. This session is conducted on a monthly basis and is open to the public. The text discussed was “The Stars”, a short story written by former deputy prime minister of Singapore, S. Rajaratnam.

“The Stars” covers themes relating to superstitious beliefs like astrology and how astrology can affect one’s life. In the story, Uncle Ram, a strong believer in astrology, refuses to give up his belief even though his astrological miscalculations make a fool out of him. Despite many miscalculations, he did not blame it on astronomy but blamed it on himself instead, stating that he was “bad at figures”. The presentation itself was started by a quick introduction session where everyone present introduced themselves, followed by a summary of the events of the story in a chronological order. The presenter was Foo Yang Yi (4I1) and during the discussion, other members of the Library Council assisted in getting the ball rolling.

Once the audience got a rough idea, Yang Yi went on to discuss what astrology really is and its difference with astronomy. Then, he discussed the difference between Pseudo-Science and Real Science and why astronomy was grouped under Pseudo- Science.

After the presentation was concluded, the audience and the presenters were split into 2 different groups to discuss certain questions on their own relating to astronomy. For example, in one of the groups, they were required to brainstorm on whether people should believe in astrology, leading to another discussion on how we can prove to show that astrology is right or wrong. Then, we went to discuss on the different superstitious beliefs that some people belief in the world, such as Feng Shui. Also, one of our participants shared with us his experience of visiting a fortune teller. Each group drew a mindmap and once the discussion was up, both groups shared their different thoughts and ideas, and it was evident that the audience was enriched after the discussion!

The Pseudo Book Club is a recurring event, held every month with a new text for discussion.

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Library Club Leadership

Teachers In-Charge:
Mrs Rosalind Lee (SC)
Mdm Chan May Lun
Mdm Shieh Le-shiang
Mrs Kris Koo (Senior AO)
Mrs Wang Meng Juan (AO)

2011-12 ExCo:
Foo Yang Yi (Chairman)
Kervin Tay (Vice-Chairman)
Ian Wong (Training & Recruitment)
Zach Wang (Public Relations)
Joel Lee (Welfare)

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