Pseudo Book Club: “Or Else, The Lightning God “

March 10, 2012 at 8:39 pm Leave a comment

Written by: Foo Yang Yi (4I1)
Photographs: Tan Hong Kai (2A3)

On 18th February, a Pseudo Book Club session was conducted by the Library Club at the Jurong Regional Library from 3.00pm to 4.00pm. This session is conducted on a monthly basis and is open to the public, but its intended audience mostly consists of teenagers. The text discussed was “Or Else, The Lightning God”, a short story from a collection of works, “Or Else the Lightning God and Other Stories” by local author Catherine Lim.

“Or Else, the Lightning God” covers various themes relating to filial piety and the duty of both children and elderly parents to respect and consider the interests/feelings of the other. In a nutshell, the story depicted a long-term conflict between a woman and her mother-in-law due to clashing personalities, resulting in the woman evicting her mother-in-law. The presentation itself was rapidly started by a quick introduction session where everyone present introduced themselves, followed by a summary of the events of the story in a chronological order. The presenters were Foo Yang Yi (4I1) and Kervin Tay (3I2), and during discussions other members of the Library Club assisted in getting the ball rolling.

Once the audience was familiar with the events of the text, the presentation mainly centered on the circumstances of the eviction, and which party was more responsible for causing it. There was also a discussion over what would happen if such an incident actually happened, and how the law would respond. There was also a discussion on the Maintenance of Parents Act, as well as its criticisms.

After the presentation was concluded, the audience and the presenters split into 2 groups to discuss certain questions on their own. For example, one of the teams was acting as a Commissioner for the Maintenance of Parents and they had to mediate between both the woman and the daughter-in-law. Each group drew mind-maps and once the discussion period was up, both groups had representatives to present their groups’ thoughts and ideas, and it was evident that the audience was enriched after the discussion.


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