2011 Library Week and World Book Day!

April 12, 2011 at 12:56 pm 4 comments

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“I Read, Therefore I Am”

Next week, 18-21 April, celebrate 2011 Library Week and World Book Day at Kong Chian Library!

Gone Case Graphic NovelOn Monday, writer Dave Chua and artist Koh Hong Teng will conduct a Book Talk about adapting Chua’s prize-winning novel Gone Case into graphic novel format. In addition to discussing the challenges of adaptation, they will talk about other graphic novels and prose books that have influenced them, and the state of graphic literature in Singapore.

Tuesday will see two events: the Chinese Share-a-Book will be conducted in the Seminar and Conference Rooms, as an extension of the Chinese reading done during the Term 1 sabbatical week. The NLB Mass Book Borrowing will take place at Oei Tiong Ham Hall from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.; Mrs Rosalind Lee will soon post the schedule for the lower sec classes on the EMB, and upper sec students are highly encouraged to drop by during lunch time.

The annual Scrabble Challenge will be conducted on Wednesday once again by Mrs Yeong-Loke Lai Fun and Ms G. Kalavathi, with the winners competing against students from the junior college to determine ultimate HCI Scrabble supremacy!

Towerhill coverDuring lunch time on Thursday, the Young Editors Club will launch their new publication, an anthology of poetry and prose entitled TOWERHILL.Reclaimed. YEC members will be on hand to answer questions, recite poetry, and sell copies of the anthology; copies will be sold for $10 and all proceeds will go directly to the Disaster Relief Fund of the Embassy of Japan.

All week long, our afternoon Big Book Sale will be located in the Reading Area and feature a variety of titles; the money collected will go toward the Needy Student Fund. Also during the week, we will facilitate the Know Your E-Resources Online Quiz, the Lower Sec Door Wrapping Competition, individual class Book Swap, and a special exhibition of the winners from the Micro-Fiction Writing Competition.

Stay tuned here and at our official Facebook Event Page for up-to-the-minute details, and join us next week in the celebration of books and reading!

HCI Official WBD Logo Designed by Khor Haoyu of Class 2I2


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  • 1. Per Sheng Xiang  |  April 21, 2011 at 5:56 pm

    I myself attended the TowerHill workshop and I really enjoyed it, though it’s quite late to encourage others to go for it. But nonetheless, I took away some things and lessons from the workshop, such as the fact that beauty and significance can come form even the simplest expressions and we should always strive our best in everything we do. It’s also another chance that we can donate money to te Japanese. It’s really worth it.

  • 2. Chua Zhong Zhi  |  April 22, 2011 at 7:52 pm

    I really enjoyed myself throughout the library week, as well as world book day, because of the many activities planned out for us. I guess the main purpose of these events, is to encourage students to read more widely, through recommendations, book swaps, and this book sale. I also felt that the purpose of these events have achieved its purpose of motivating students, to allow them to be involved in reading, because I was motivated to pick up a book and read, since my last book, which I read about 2 months ago. And, also through this week, I have learnt that books are really beneficial to us, reading the book on a surface level can help us to widen our vocabulary, strengthen our language skill, or plainly for enjoyment. Reading it on a deeper level, would enable us to learn moral values, life skills, and think deeper into things. I look forward to the following year, and hope that my passion for reading continues, throughout my life. (:

  • 3. Eddie Lim  |  April 23, 2011 at 7:11 pm

    I personally feel that the Library Week and World Book Day are two very meaningful events that should be held again next year. I attended the Graphic Novel Book Talk on the book Gone Case and learnt valuable tips at the book talk. One important point is that it is ok for your story to be unrealistic but it has to be believable. This is one point I will be looking at to apply in my essay in future. Also, this makes me think back about how I actually enjoy science fiction such as Artemis Fowl even when its not realistic. Also, the World Book Day Pick is a rather interesting book as I am rather interested in the book after I heard Mr Lundberg read a paragraph of it. I think that I may actually go to the library to find the book. In conclusion, these two events have been rather meaningful and it has re-ignited my interest in reading.

  • 4. Dong De XIn  |  April 25, 2011 at 3:58 pm

    On the whole, I feel that the library week and the world book day was quite interesting. Both events were aimed to develop the students interest for reading and personally, I feel that it has indeed peaked my interest in reading. I also attended the talk about “Towerhill Reclaimed” and benefited a lot of the talk. It changed my views about writing as I always feel that all the poets and authors are adults but after this event, I realised that the whole book comprises of our own school’s works, some of them are even from Secondary 1 and 2. I also learnt that we write to express, not to impress. The library also offered some very cheap books that we can afford, I saw some quite interesting books that are on sale. I also felt that it was quite meaningful for the school to donate all the money to the needy student fund. So the school can promote reading within the school and at the same time help the students who are financially insecure.


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